Mindset Hacks

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Today we are talking about mindset change. 
Do you ever wonder how world-class athletes, leaders, and businessmen seem to have countless amounts of time energy and resources?! 
The truth is when they started they didn’t have much more than you do now. Some probably less. 
Then how did they build, make and become so successfully explosive? Mindset plays a key role. 
Internal narrative is key, the brain game is one of the most important games you need to master. 
Mindset needs to take precedence for three key reasons:

  1. It will be one of the last things you have. 
  2. Money is an algorithm that changes. Let your brain find algorithma not money. 
  3. Different situations need different mindsets. Rest vs Stress. Peak Performance by Stulberg and Magness

It’s a bad idea to let your mindset dictate your goals. You should position yourself to take control of your mindset daily to help achieve goal or activities you are not naturally inclined to do. 
So lets define Mindset so we are all on the same page. Mindset is the established set of attitudes that you hold. 
Mindsets can change. Your internal narrative is a story about yourself that is influenced by your mindset. Since the building blocks of mindset are attitudes you can hack your internal narrative and mindset with exercises and developmental activities. 
To find out more about Story Hacking your internal narrative check out my book called the StoryTelling Heart. It’s on Amazon.com and Kindle just search Nick Ovalle and you will find it online. It’s basically using the Heroes Journey to structure your life and hack your internal narrative for the best outcomes. 
So here are the best practical ways you can hack your mindset. 
1st is what I call Resetting the Problem Solving Loop. 2nd is Psychological Masquerading 3rd is Strengthening Your Internal Locus of Control.
I dedicate a whole podcast to Resetting the Problem Solving Loop in Episode 2 we covered more detail of Resetting the Problem solving loop, check it out. Today we will talk about the mind-body connection that directly effects your brain. 
Since you have direct connection to your brain through physical activity you can change mindsets by physical activity. 
A poor mindset is categorized by victimhood, fear, separation or the wanting to control or discourage others. All these attitudes are story killers, they kill your story from moving forward and have the potential to kill other stories around you. These attitudes end with in-activity. A healthy mindset is characterized by attitudes that propels curiosity, action, encouragement and connectedness.
Physical activities that hack and encourage better mindsets are 

  1. Intense Workouts – This limits oxygen and blood flow to your brain and increases euphoria by releasing endorphins.
  2. Cold Showers actually move your blood and lymph in a very efficient way. Cold showers also have an increased ability to help improve mood and physical pain.
  3. Breathing – The technique of breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 6 seconds and exhaling for 8 seconds clams your heart rate, increases oxygen and allows your body to calm down.

The 2nd technique to hack your mindset is called Psychological masquerading. The idea is best described as pretending to be someone you are not. This is not a long term sustainable solution but a quick hack to serve you when you need a fast effective mindset change. 
Pretending to think like Elon Musk, Mary Poppins or Walt Disney is a concept that was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book think and grow rich. Psychologists have adapted the model to not only think like them but for short periods of time to act as if you were that person. It helps immediately leave behind any attitudes and world views you are holding on to and shift paradigms and actions rather quickly. This is great for creating new concepts or dealing with situations that your personality is not designed to handle. 
I do this when I have to watch my kids and I am not in the mindset to watch them. Sometime I am in the middle of work or learning and a sudden psychological masquerade shift helps me get into the proper mindset to have fun and create structure for my kids to enjoy. It’s made me adjust to situations faster than brooding about having to take time away from my schedule and work. My kids also enjoy when we dive into imagination more than watching tv or playing video games. 
The third mindset hack is an activity to help strengthen your thoughts of control. There is good control and bad control. Bad control is over controlling or having the feeling of no control at all. Control is a tension to be managed. Your internal locus of control is the psychological belief you can control out comes in your life. It’s a scale but you can strengthen it with this quick exercise. 
Write down areas in your life that you feel you don’t have control. Next write down areas in life you can adjust to control. 
For example say you feel you don’t have control in work. Write down the areas where you do have control. What you will find is that you have a lot more control than you think. The narrative that you don’t have control needs creativity to find out what you do control and do more of that. This builds confidence and allows you start to take control in areas where you are not brave enough to take control yet. 
Question to consider. Where do you need a mindset change in your life? The best thing you can do is talk to someone about the changes you want to make and discuss these options. 
You can go to nickovalle.com/14 and download the discussion guide to process this information with a friend. 
Until we chat again I hope you tell the world a great story.

Getting Started on YouTube

In this video I am answering the question on “How do I get my first subscribers on YouTube?”

Hey Fam, you are watching Fancy pants media where we take your marketing and visual media to the next level. My name is Nick and here are 4 tips to getting your first 100 Subs on YouTube.

Tip #1 – Channel Trailer -Make sure you are giving a value proposition. Your value proposition is what you are giving your audience. Try and say this in one sentence in all your other videos for the next year! Tell a story and let people know what you are about. I shot my channel trailer with an iPhone 5s and Olliclip with no mic. Whats most important is that you have a video that people can understand the why of your channel.

Tip #2 – Invest in making three great videos – Make the content people want – take note of the questions people are asking you on social media. Check the latest trends on google by visiting trends.google.com and look at some of your past videos to see what people are watching. In “creator studios” sort your videos by most plays and make more of those! Take those topics and make videos that have good lighting, audio and b-roll. If you are not great with a camera ask a friend who can help you. I am always asking friends to help me with camera and audio for my videos.

Tip #3 Talk about YouTube on your other social media channels. Share the Behind the scenes with your audience and talk about what you are doing. The top two ways to get discovered on Social is leveraging your Instagram Stories and Twitter. In the description below I left 11 hashtags for you to use to boost your posts! Use them! And a link to your Instagram and Twitter profiles so I can give you a follow.

Tip #4 – Respond to Comments – Make sure to have “calls to actions” in every video, ask people to like, comment and subscribe, but most important is to answer the comments people leave on your videos. If you have less than 100 subs it shouldn’t take that long. Make sure to be compassionate when you are answering people.

Bonus Tip: collaborate with others in your area that making youtube videos and invite them to collaborate and promote each other on your channels!

YouTube Lighting | Lifx Smart Bulbs

How do you make your filming space look better? We do that today on a budget!

Hey Friends, maybe you have started your YouTube page but want to make your space look better. Today we take a look at three easy ways to use light make your youtube videos better if you are on a budget.

My first recommendation for better lighting is using color. I choose LIFX smart light bulbs because they don’t need a hub, have an amazing color spectrum and are Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled.

You can pair these lights with any table lamp or work light fixture. I choose the cheap aluminum lamps from the Home Depot or Lowes. It’s important to also get clamps to make sure they stay attached to light stands.

If you are shooting on a white backdrop or tan wall I suggest a three light set up. In this set up I am using 2 A19’s and 1 BR30 from LIFX

My second recommendation would be to set proper exposure and white balance.

Take your camera off of automatic mode, shoot in manual and set your white balance properly.

On a camera, you shoot a white card or white piece of paper and set that photo as the customer white balance profile.

If you are using a smartphone use an app like Filmic pro to lock exposure and white balance.

Finally, you can use a 5-in-1 Photo reflector to bounce light from a window or light source to the other side of your face to lighten or darken the mood.

Bonus tip: If you want super soft light or can only afford one light I say purchase a paper lantern from Ikea. The paper defuses the light and also gives you 360 degrees of lighting. I would still use a Lifx bulb, but that light would take care of you and your background.

The second tip is if you want to have props in your video use things that communicate your passion. In the past, some of my sets have shown vintage video games, vinyl toys, music equipment. You can find cheap light boxes with letters on Amazon, find art that you like online or cut up a whole bunch of magazines and tape them to the wall.

LIFX a19 Color: https://goo.gl/1G9ojZ
LIFX BR30 Color: https://goo.gl/JzvLKY
LIFX a19 Whites: https://goo.gl/RMrEmc
Aluminum Work Lights: https://goo.gl/6JakCV
Desktop Lamp: https://goo.gl/3yFVhJ

Best Microphones for YouTube | Featuring Rode Mics

Audio is half of the video, literally. If you have great images and poor quality people won’t watch your videos. If you have poor image quality but the audio is good, well people will stick around. Audio is important. So here are six ways to get better audio. 2 minutes starts now

1. Cell Phone Hack – Place a cell phone mic side up in a shirt pocket to get that good good clean audio.
2. Get that video mic closer bruh!! – I see so many people keep their video mic on the camera and step about 5-10 feet away from their subject. Uses those things like a boom, get those mics as close to your mouth as possible! Tabletop stands and mic stands help tremendously.
3. SmartLav + is a great way to get broadcast quality audio on the cheap. I would pair these with Invisi-lavs so you can hide the lav mic under a shirt or jacket.
4. USB Mics will work for voice-overs, live streams, webinars, and podcasts.
5. Shotgun mics are always a blast! You can boom them or have them mounted, just make sure you know your shotguns audio pattern. I am using the Rode NTG1 cause it’s good and inexpensive but the pattern calls for the mic to be placed over the mouth not directly at the mouth.
6. Audio recorders are great! They have better audio quality than your normal DSLR. The Zoom h5n is a great recorder and I am also enjoying Panasonic and Sony top audio attachment. It gives you a very easy way to get the audio in the camera with phantom power to power those shotgun mics. The only drawback to the external audio recorders is syncing in post. It’s an extra step but almost every editing software has the ability to sync video and audio.

Do you have any plans on upgrading your audio in your videos? Do you have another recommendation for an easy and affordable solution? Drop a comment below.

Mics we talked about in this video:

1. Smart Lav+ https://goo.gl/XbnhVa

2. Video Micro https://goo.gl/UgYtHo

3. Blue Yeti USB https://goo.gl/hPbdLF

4. Rode NTG-1 https://goo.gl/6SvTzU

5. Zoom H5n https://goo.gl/ofW9Yb

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Amazon Echo Dot Hacks

Today we look at the Amazon Echo Dot as a personal assistant.

What is the Amazon echo dot?

The Echo Dot is a voice controlled device that allows you to control other smart devices. It is constantly “learning” new skill that allows you to play music, order pizza or request an uber all hands-free!

But can it be my personal assistant?

The voice control assistant is named Alexa. It’s pretty rad!

I need Alexa to read email, schedule tasks and communicate with a productivity tracker. I am using Asana.com

I found a few IFTTT Applets that would allow Alexa to

1. Make a Task in Asana.com

2. Have my Lifx lights blink when my work timer is up.

3. Add an event to Google Calendar.

4. Send an SMS or email message.

If you have any questions about video production, marketing or productivity tweet me @nick_ovalle or follow me on the social media.

Amazon Echo Dot: https://goo.gl/3TbLtm

Lifx Bulbs 4 pack: https://goo.gl/Pdw7Rn
SMS With Molly: https://smswithmolly.com/

Blinking Lights IFTTT: https://goo.gl/vKGMoe
New Asana.com Task: https://goo.gl/8tJ5Is

Google Calendar Event: https://goo.gl/GmXWGr

The Best Cameras for Video

A question I get asked all the time is what is the best camera to buy?

In this blog, I answer that question!

Today we are looking at the best camera for creating your content. We will be looking at three categories budget, amateur and professional.

In the budget category Less than $250, your best camera is probably in your pocket. Smartphones today shoot in 4k, have great apps that make video production and editing easy. The best thing you can do is add accessories to kickstart your video quality.

Three things I suggest are a Tripod, lens, and microphone.

For a tripod, I suggest the Joby Smartphone Pro and Joby Gorillapod Camera Tripod: https://goo.gl/rzqa6n

Tripods will help hold your phone steady and get rid of that nasty camera shake.

The Rode Video MicMe is great for broadcast quality audio. https://goo.gl/psTtgh

It makes your videos sound full and not like they were shot in a cereal box.

You can also get a wider field of view with lenses, I like the olloclip because it’s small, great optics and is fun to use. https://goo.gl/QtfxLa

Lets look at some Solutions for you guys who want to add a little bit more quality in your camera.

Under our Mid-Range category, I suggest point and shoot cameras. The reason I like point and shoots is because they take out some of the technical aspects of filming. You have a fixed lens, autofocus and a built in mic that are pretty good!

The cheapest option is the Canon Elph series cameras: https://goo.gl/6NVM8Q

A better option is the Canon G7X with flip up screen and great auto focus. Get the camera here: https://goo.gl/JzOZ4k

If you are a real baller check out the Sony RX100 mk v – It shoots in 4k has great autofocus and it has great slo-motion! Get the camera here: https://goo.gl/2TGxoS

When you get into the prosumer video gear things get more technical and more fun! You have more options and more control to make your videos look like a hollywood movie.

Cameras I suggest for you guys who really want that pro look:

Panasonic g7 – Shoots 4k, has great autofocus and a lot of lens options for m 4/3 lens mount. Cost about $700. Get the camera here https://goo.gl/Ip50uu

Canon 6D / Sony A7s – For about $2,000 you will get a great still and video camera. This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to buying a camera. Professional video quality at a fraction of the price. Get the Canon 6D here: https://goo.gl/wbect8

Get the Sony a7s here: https://goo.gl/pJfN3l

For all you wanting a cinema camera, let me just tell you that is overkill for Youtube. I actually shoot on a cinema camera for Youtube.

I like the Canon c100mkii – It shoots great video, has a great built in audio solution and the internal ND Filters are amazing for getting that blurry background in harsh lighting conditions! Plus it looks cool. Get the camera here: https://goo.gl/Tghhwh
If you want to download my video marketing checklist click here. It will show you how to get the best settings out of your camera!

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Until we meet again, tell the world your story!

How to Start a Podcast

In this short video I give you three tips on starting a podcast today!

Tip #1 Get a good Podcasting Mic! Below are links to great mics that are cheap.

Tip #2 Get a good audio software solution. Adobe Audition is a great podcasting software.

Tip #3 Upload using Libsyn.com


Blue Yeti USB Mic: https://goo.gl/0lECqW
Samson USB Mic: https://goo.gl/4jeKaA
Adobe Creative Cloud: http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud.html
Libsyn Hosting: https://www.libsyn.com/

Video gear I use:

Sony A7s: https://goo.gl/pJfN3l
Canon 24-70mm 2.8 Lens: https://goo.gl/Z5M7fZ
Zoom h5n Audio Recorder: https://goo.gl/p4mSwh
Sennheiser Lav Mic: https://goo.gl/BPkREQ

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