Getting Started on YouTube

In this video I am answering the question on “How do I get my first subscribers on YouTube?”

Hey Fam, you are watching Fancy pants media where we take your marketing and visual media to the next level. My name is Nick and here are 4 tips to read more

YouTube Lighting | Lifx Smart Bulbs

How do you make your filming space look better? We do that today on a budget!

Hey Friends, maybe you have started your YouTube page but want to make your space look better. Today we take a look at three easy ways to use light make your youtube videos read more

Best Microphones for YouTube | Featuring Rode Mics

Audio is half of the video, literally. If you have great images and poor quality people won’t watch your videos. If you have poor image quality but the audio is good, well people will stick around. Audio is important. So here are six ways to get read more

Amazon Echo Dot Hacks

Today we look at the Amazon Echo Dot as a personal assistant.

What is the Amazon echo dot?

The Echo Dot is a voice controlled device that allows you to control other smart devices. It is constantly “learning” new skill that allows you to play music, order pizza or request an uber all hands-free!

But can it read more

The Best Cameras for Video

A question I get asked all the time is what is the best camera to buy?

In this blog, I answer that question!

Today we are looking at the best camera for creating your content. We will be looking at three categories budget, amateur and professional.

In read more

How to Start a Podcast

In this short video I give you three tips on starting a podcast today!

Tip #1 Get a good Podcasting Mic! Below are links to great mics that are cheap.

Tip #2 Get a good audio software solution. Adobe Audition is a great podcasting software.

Tip #3 read more