Amazon Echo Dot Hacks

Today we look at the Amazon Echo Dot as a personal assistant.

What is the Amazon echo dot?

The Echo Dot is a voice controlled device that allows you to control other smart devices. It is constantly “learning” new skill that allows you to play music, order pizza or request an uber all hands-free!

But can it be my personal assistant?

The voice control assistant is named Alexa. It’s pretty rad!

I need Alexa to read email, schedule tasks and communicate with a productivity tracker. I am using

I found a few IFTTT Applets that would allow Alexa to

1. Make a Task in

2. Have my Lifx lights blink when my work timer is up.

3. Add an event to Google Calendar.

4. Send an SMS or email message.

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Amazon Echo Dot:

Lifx Bulbs 4 pack:
SMS With Molly:

Blinking Lights IFTTT:
New Task:

Google Calendar Event: