The Best Cameras for Video

A question I get asked all the time is what is the best camera to buy?

In this blog, I answer that question!

Today we are looking at the best camera for creating your content. We will be looking at three categories budget, amateur and professional.

In the budget category Less than $250, your best camera is probably in your pocket. Smartphones today shoot in 4k, have great apps that make video production and editing easy. The best thing you can do is add accessories to kickstart your video quality.

Three things I suggest are a Tripod, lens, and microphone.

For a tripod, I suggest the Joby Smartphone Pro and Joby Gorillapod Camera Tripod:

Tripods will help hold your phone steady and get rid of that nasty camera shake.

The Rode Video MicMe is great for broadcast quality audio.

It makes your videos sound full and not like they were shot in a cereal box.

You can also get a wider field of view with lenses, I like the olloclip because it’s small, great optics and is fun to use.

Lets look at some Solutions for you guys who want to add a little bit more quality in your camera.

Under our Mid-Range category, I suggest point and shoot cameras. The reason I like point and shoots is because they take out some of the technical aspects of filming. You have a fixed lens, autofocus and a built in mic that are pretty good!

The cheapest option is the Canon Elph series cameras:

A better option is the Canon G7X with flip up screen and great auto focus. Get the camera here:

If you are a real baller check out the Sony RX100 mk v – It shoots in 4k has great autofocus and it has great slo-motion! Get the camera here:

When you get into the prosumer video gear things get more technical and more fun! You have more options and more control to make your videos look like a hollywood movie.

Cameras I suggest for you guys who really want that pro look:

Panasonic g7 – Shoots 4k, has great autofocus and a lot of lens options for m 4/3 lens mount. Cost about $700. Get the camera here

Canon 6D / Sony A7s – For about $2,000 you will get a great still and video camera. This is the best bang for your buck when it comes to buying a camera. Professional video quality at a fraction of the price. Get the Canon 6D here:

Get the Sony a7s here:

For all you wanting a cinema camera, let me just tell you that is overkill for Youtube. I actually shoot on a cinema camera for Youtube.

I like the Canon c100mkii – It shoots great video, has a great built in audio solution and the internal ND Filters are amazing for getting that blurry background in harsh lighting conditions! Plus it looks cool. Get the camera here:
If you want to download my video marketing checklist click here. It will show you how to get the best settings out of your camera!

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Until we meet again, tell the world your story!