Best Microphones for YouTube | Featuring Rode Mics

Audio is half of the video, literally. If you have great images and poor quality people won’t watch your videos. If you have poor image quality but the audio is good, well people will stick around. Audio is important. So here are six ways to get better audio. 2 minutes starts now

1. Cell Phone Hack – Place a cell phone mic side up in a shirt pocket to get that good good clean audio.
2. Get that video mic closer bruh!! – I see so many people keep their video mic on the camera and step about 5-10 feet away from their subject. Uses those things like a boom, get those mics as close to your mouth as possible! Tabletop stands and mic stands help tremendously.
3. SmartLav + is a great way to get broadcast quality audio on the cheap. I would pair these with Invisi-lavs so you can hide the lav mic under a shirt or jacket.
4. USB Mics will work for voice-overs, live streams, webinars, and podcasts.
5. Shotgun mics are always a blast! You can boom them or have them mounted, just make sure you know your shotguns audio pattern. I am using the Rode NTG1 cause it’s good and inexpensive but the pattern calls for the mic to be placed over the mouth not directly at the mouth.
6. Audio recorders are great! They have better audio quality than your normal DSLR. The Zoom h5n is a great recorder and I am also enjoying Panasonic and Sony top audio attachment. It gives you a very easy way to get the audio in the camera with phantom power to power those shotgun mics. The only drawback to the external audio recorders is syncing in post. It’s an extra step but almost every editing software has the ability to sync video and audio.

Do you have any plans on upgrading your audio in your videos? Do you have another recommendation for an easy and affordable solution? Drop a comment below.

Mics we talked about in this video:

1. Smart Lav+

2. Video Micro

3. Blue Yeti USB

4. Rode NTG-1

5. Zoom H5n

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash