Getting Started on YouTube

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In this video I am answering the question on “How do I get my first subscribers on YouTube?”

Hey Fam, you are watching Fancy pants media where we take your marketing and visual media to the next level. My name is Nick and here are 4 tips to getting your first 100 Subs on YouTube.

Tip #1 – Channel Trailer -Make sure you are giving a value proposition. Your value proposition is what you are giving your audience. Try and say this in one sentence in all your other videos for the next year! Tell a story and let people know what you are about. I shot my channel trailer with an iPhone 5s and Olliclip with no mic. Whats most important is that you have a video that people can understand the why of your channel.

Tip #2 – Invest in making three great videos – Make the content people want – take note of the questions people are asking you on social media. Check the latest trends on google by visiting and look at some of your past videos to see what people are watching. In “creator studios” sort your videos by most plays and make more of those! Take those topics and make videos that have good lighting, audio and b-roll. If you are not great with a camera ask a friend who can help you. I am always asking friends to help me with camera and audio for my videos.

Tip #3 Talk about YouTube on your other social media channels. Share the Behind the scenes with your audience and talk about what you are doing. The top two ways to get discovered on Social is leveraging your Instagram Stories and Twitter. In the description below I left 11 hashtags for you to use to boost your posts! Use them! And a link to your Instagram and Twitter profiles so I can give you a follow.

Tip #4 – Respond to Comments – Make sure to have “calls to actions” in every video, ask people to like, comment and subscribe, but most important is to answer the comments people leave on your videos. If you have less than 100 subs it shouldn’t take that long. Make sure to be compassionate when you are answering people.

Bonus Tip: collaborate with others in your area that making youtube videos and invite them to collaborate and promote each other on your channels!