YouTube Lighting | Lifx Smart Bulbs

How do you make your filming space look better? We do that today on a budget!

Hey Friends, maybe you have started your YouTube page but want to make your space look better. Today we take a look at three easy ways to use light make your youtube videos better if you are on a budget.

My first recommendation for better lighting is using color. I choose LIFX smart light bulbs because they don’t need a hub, have an amazing color spectrum and are Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabled.

You can pair these lights with any table lamp or work light fixture. I choose the cheap aluminum lamps from the Home Depot or Lowes. It’s important to also get clamps to make sure they stay attached to light stands.

If you are shooting on a white backdrop or tan wall I suggest a three light set up. In this set up I am using 2 A19’s and 1 BR30 from LIFX

My second recommendation would be to set proper exposure and white balance.

Take your camera off of automatic mode, shoot in manual and set your white balance properly.

On a camera, you shoot a white card or white piece of paper and set that photo as the customer white balance profile.

If you are using a smartphone use an app like Filmic pro to lock exposure and white balance.

Finally, you can use a 5-in-1 Photo reflector to bounce light from a window or light source to the other side of your face to lighten or darken the mood.

Bonus tip: If you want super soft light or can only afford one light I say purchase a paper lantern from Ikea. The paper defuses the light and also gives you 360 degrees of lighting. I would still use a Lifx bulb, but that light would take care of you and your background.

The second tip is if you want to have props in your video use things that communicate your passion. In the past, some of my sets have shown vintage video games, vinyl toys, music equipment. You can find cheap light boxes with letters on Amazon, find art that you like online or cut up a whole bunch of magazines and tape them to the wall.

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